The Others (AmfAR V)

If everyone wasn’t so AMAZING at this event all of these would probably make the Best list. As is they are simply the slightly-less-AMAZING list.

1. DAMN Michelle Rodriguez looks good lately. 2. This is a far superior pink dress than her Met Gala appearance. It fits her and shows off her personality. 3. I LOVE the colour. The only reason this is an Other instead of a Best is:

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Supervillains Also Abound (Cannes)

So apparently if you wear something absurd and show up, you get to walk a Cannes red carpet:

I don’t know who this is. I don’t know what this is. And I most definitely do not know WHY this is.

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etaK elasnikceB (sennaC)

I remember being bored by Wall Street so I am not overly excited for the sequel. But look what Kate Beckinsale (Cannes Juror, so she’ll pop up a lot) wore to the premiere:

That’s exciting. Top hat her and we have Zatanna.

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Best Dressed: Kate Beckinsale (Cannes Opening Red Carpet IV)

It’s appropriate Cannes is in France because this is a french fairy tale:


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Interactive Wednesday: Deanna Revisited

The Cannes Film Festival has begun and for the Jury Photocall Kate Beckinsale decided to dress like Deanna Troi (Star Trek: the Next Generation):

I am speaking of this dress, from the episode Ménage à Troi (French connection!):

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