Interactive Wednesday: Kiss me, Batman

I like to say I have reality-shifting “chaos powers” along the lines of Wanda Maximoff’s. Just, you know, not so powerful, and with no training. Anyway, lately my chaos powers have been going crazy. For example: I, like many, like to cast my favourite characters and/or cast my favourite actors in my favourite stories. I’ve mentioned before that Naomi Watts and Diane Kruger are my top picks for my best Marvel heroine, Ms. Marvel, and I am infatuated with the idea of Katie Holmes as Jessica Jones. I’ve also been saying since the first of Christopher Nolan’s Bat films (which starred Katie Holmes) that I want to see Talia Al Ghul on the big screen.


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Superheroine of the Night: Kate Mara (CFDA I)

OK! calls her “Iron Man 2 star Kate Mara” which seems a little over-reaching, especially with actual Iron Man 2 star Gwyneth Paltrow in attendance (and on the arm of CFDA winner Michael Kors) but she was IN Iron Man 2 and more importantly to us she was wearing this:

Iron Man colours maybe, but I think it is Zac Posen’s tribute to Wonder Girl. Both Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark have worn red and gold — and to be quite honest, I prefer Kate’s heroine chic Posen to both Donna’s jumpsuit and Cassie’s tank-and-jeans (seriously, Cassie, jeans = / = superhero!!).

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