Sparkle! (MTV Movie Awards III)

Christina wasn’t all alone in her glam. It’s a glitzy show.

Here’s Sandy, looking amazing. The best part of this dress is the back:

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Interactive Wednesday: Pop Star Parade

I think Ke$ha wants to be Cher.

She wasn’t performing in this get up but she is clearly putting on a show. Of course she’s not alone in this:

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Katy Lights Up (Met Gala III)

The best part of Katy Perry’s Cute Circuit dress is obvious.

She’s her own laser show. And for that, let’s hear it for Katy, she’s in a super-class of her own.

But what happens when you turn off the light?

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Show a Little Leg (Met Gala II)

Remember when Kristen Stewart wore a long black gown to the Oscars and looked amazing AND amazingly like she was going to punch someone?

At least in this one (Chanel) it looks like she could follow through with the punching without too much damage to the dress.

But K-Stew wasn’t the only one who wanted to give a little peek at her gams.

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Fools, Fish, Fringe and Fashion!

Hey all, it’s April 1st. Which people like to call April Fool’s Day:

I might have to change my mind about Katy Perry wanting to be in the Aquaman movie. She clearly really wants to be Harley Quinn. That’s her at Perez Hilton’s birthday bash. Here she is at the Today Show:

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Superheroine of the Night: Skrull, I mean, Katy Perry

Saturday night was the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Show — my husband likes to call it the Oscars (with Slime) but it is much closer to the Golden Globes (with Slime). But like the Oscars, or the Globes, the stars come out with bells on, so here are the super fashion highlights (with Slime)!

Before we get the real supers, I want to give a shout out to one of my favourite young stars, and winner of the Kids Choice Award for Best Actress on TV, Selena Gomez.

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