Princess of the Night: Kiernan Shipka

If you don’t watch Mad Men I urge you to give it a try just for Sally Draper. Sally is a firecracker and so is the young actress who plays her.

a photo of Kiernan Shipka at the 2013 SAG Awards

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Crazy/Beautiful: January Jones (Emmys)

Diane Kruger was not the Emmys, but January Jones tried to step into her shoes: 1. I love JJ’s style and was looking forward to her look; 2. when I first saw this look I said “Hmmmm” meaning “I just can’t decide what I think of this”; 3. but the more I looked at her the more I liked it and now here I am saying she could be my favourite:

The colour is stunning. The silhouette is risky but she can pull it off. The structure is the main Hmmmm. part —

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