The What-What? (WHCAD IV)

I seriously cannot decide which of our “White House Correspondents” is the most fun. There are SO MANY to choose from. Like:


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All I gotta say is: Kim Kardashian

I plan a full Fashion Week look-thru-and-review with a special guest blogger but until then, here’s a gem I just couldn’t ignore. I do not like Kim Kardashian (or, honestly, anyone on a non-competitive reality series) (or any of the finding love competitive reality series) (or the put a bunch of people in a house together and make them act like fools and vote them out one by one competitive reality series) (Survivor is ok, but) (yeah, mostly the only reality series I like are related to cooking) (and fashion, of course, but even those have some issues) (ANYWAY) but she does like clothes. Apparently she is getting into design herself! And hey, that can only be good for this blog. Look:

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