Superheroines of the Met Gala

Because it is actually impossible to pick only one.




Rita Ora


How these are not behind-the-scenes images off a Wonder Woman-esque film set I DO NOT KNOW.

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Best Dressed: Salma Hayek (Cannes Closing IV)

Diane‘s only real competition for Best Dressed of the night:

Salma is also in pink, but a very understated blush, and the gold accents just bring it all to a higher level of sophistication and glamour. She looks amazing.

Also amazing, especially after her strange showing at the AmfAR gala, Kirsten Dunst:

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Worst Dressed (AmfAR VI)

Dear Suzanne Engo. I get that you love them but Converse are not appropriate footwear when wearing a gown. Even if your gown is a Smurf-blue ripped up mess that hugs your body in all the wrong places. This is BAD. Signed, All of Us.

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