Superheroine of the Night: Lea Michele versus Heather Morris

I understand that Lea Michele wants the world to know that she is not Rachel Berry.

But girl, NO. That is not how a high thigh slit WORKS. The dress will do it for you. You do not want fashion bloggers of the world to catch you positioning your dress for maximum leg. This absolutely screams Trying Too Hard. It hurts me to look at, Lea. I am uncomfortable for you! Which, honestly, makes you seem more like Rachel.

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Best Dressed at the Golden Globes: Catherine Zeta-Jones

First let’s cover the runners-up. Best Styling Paired with a Boring Dress:

Dianna Agron is so very pretty. But in this picture I really want to see more of the random press girl behind her. If she’d paired boots with that black dress it’d be so cute and heroine chic. Oh, right, Dianna. This dress puts me to sleep. But everything else is flawless:

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Hit and/or Miss! (Emmys)

To be entirely honest, these are my favourite looks. A truly GREAT Red Carpet Look should have just as much chance of being on the Worst Dressed lists as the Best Dressed lists. Not everybody gets to DO this, I appreciate the ones who wear A Lot of Look proudly.

Anna Paquin looked daring in Alexander McQueen. The heroine chic is high and so is the risk. I don’t love this dress — it’s dark and heavy on her, especially with her (shall we say) vampiric colouring. But she is carrying it, I can tell she felt STRONG in this look. PROUD. And that I absolutely love.


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Best Dressed: Lea Michele and Joshua Jackson (Teen Choice)

Ladies and gentleman, I bring you the best part of the Teen Choice Awards:

Now, admittedly, I’m not a teen. But look at them. Just LOOK at them.

Here’s Lea:

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Best Dressed: Lea Michele (Tony Awards V)

I have to admit I didn’t want to choose her. She’s been over-exposed this year and I don’t even really like Rachel. Plus, why was Glee performing at the Tony’s? Aren’t they on TV?

Plus plus, my Diane got SO MUCH flack for wearing long, airy, yellow FOUR YEARS after Michelle Williams did and now Lea is the THIRD woman to do it less than SIX MONTHS since Diane’s appearance at the SAG Awards.

But. Lea looks amazing.

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Interactive Thursday: the Phoenix Corps

So I’ve noticed a little bit of a trend lately. Fashion birds. I don’t mean this:

Malaika Arora dressed AS a bird (for a good cause). But this:

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