Princess of the Night: Lucy Liu

At her last big red carpet appearance Lucy was a warrior in flashy silver — and took Superheroine of the Night. At this year’s Golden Globes she pulled a 180:

a photo of Lucy Liu at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards

So. Pretty. Pure fairytale princess.

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Superheroine of the Night: Lucy Liu

Yesterday as I followed the ‘Emmys’ tags on twitter and tumblr I realized some people are actually invested in the competition. I can’t do that, I’d just get depressed. The show and the awards awarded were so predictable this year…as they are every year… I mean, they were trying to call Homeland winning over Mad Men an upset but was anyone actually surprised? Especially by the time the announcement was made. I also don’t watch for the “comedy” but I’m not sure anyone does. The most entertaining thing Jimmy Kimmel did was throw his parents out of the theater, and only because I found myself wondering what it’s like to be Jimmy Kimmel’s parents. Human relations I find eminently entertaining, actors trying to sell their comedic bits while simultaneously trying to convince us their above selling their comedic bits, not so much. I imagine you now expect me to say I watch for the fashion. And I do, of course, this IS a fashion blog, if a bit of a slanted one. But fashion isn’t just what they’re wearing. Fashion is the whole package. And Lucy Liu absolutely stood out there:

Actress Lucy Liu in Versace

She looked AMAZING. She wore armor, and she sold it. SUPER. HEROINE. WARRIOR. CHIC.

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How to Fix a Mess of a Dress. (Tony Awards IV)

Basically, it is all about the surroundings. Take this:

Kerry Washington looks confused, like maybe she just woke up and realized she was supposed to be at the Tony Awards so she just ran all the way there without changing out of her nightie or taking the time to brush her hair.


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