The Bored Game (Oscars V)

So, Sandra Bullock. She won the Oscar! I don’t have a firm opinion on that, I haven’t seen her film. Meryl Streep was brilliant in Julie and Julia but when is Meryl Streep not brilliant? I really like Miss Congeniality. She gave a good acceptance speech. *Shrugs*

But her dress. It’s gotten a lot of attention. She was named Best Dressed by Joan Rivers et al on Fashion Police. Well, here’s my take:


I mean, she looks great. She looks like an Oscar Winner. She kinda looks like an Oscar. And I love her hair and make-up. But it doesn’t make me stop and stare. This is by far the best picture of the dress I’ve seen and I don’t really have much to say about it at all. So. I won’t!

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