Superheroes at the Met: January Jones

January’s look is so heroine chic fashion people on twitter called her a superhero.

Her bodice is amazing. It’s the definition of heroine chic. But the best part of this image is that smile. I’ve professed my affection for Ms. Jones and her Frosty Performance but I love to see her look so happy.

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My Little Pony At the (Met) Gala!

The Met Ball is the most fun night for fashion every year. Or as the ponies would say: BEST. NIGHT. EVER. Unlike other red carpet events, the Met Ball is about fashion. Fashion takes center stage, legitimately, and so we get:

Coco Rocha as a humanized My Little Pony. Humanizing the ponies in art and cosplay is a huge part of the Pony and Brony fandom (my family is planning it for an upcoming convention ourselves). But I never expected to see it so CLEARLY on the red carpet. Basically, Coco is my fashion hero FOREVER for this.

Although she’s in Fluttershy’s colors, she’s rocking Pinkie Pie’s attitude: this is MY party. But don’t worry, I found the other ponies.

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League of Fashion

Wonder Madonna needs her League, so here they are:

Iman. ‘Nuff said.

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Superheroine of the Night: MADONNA

OMG, I am so excited to write this one. Just LOOK at her:

She has STARS up and down her backside. This is pretty much the definition of heroine chic. MADONNA IS DRESSED LIKE WONDER WOMAN.

Also: damn girl, you’re over fifty? I mean, look at this picture:

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Supervillain of the Night: Hamish Bowles

I’m just going to leave this here:

It speaks for itself.

Supervillainess of the Night: Mary Kate Olson

Guys, there are SO MANY supers to talk about from the Met Gala. I love the Met Gala. And the Alexander McQueen Tribute Theme made for some AMAZING fashion. But for Absolute Supervillainess Chic, MK ran away with it:

This can only be described as “Ode to The Joker”.

Well, it could also be “Ode to Christmas” but that is less relevant to my life. Here’s full length:

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Let’s party like it’s the nineties vision of an apocalyptic future.

There is going to be a new JUDGE DREDD movie. I do not know how to feel! Remember how I admitted to loving the Tank Girl movie? Well this is WAY more embarrassing:

I love Judge Dredd (1995)! Now, it is not even just ‘not a good movie’. Judge Dredd (1995) is a truly terribly BAD movie with few redeeming qualities. But I still love it.

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