Superheroine of the Night: Naya Rivera

Awards Season is on y’all and the first big shindig was the People’s Choice Awards. And our first superheroine of the night is Glee’s Naya Rivera:

This girl is on fire! (Has Santana sung that? She should.) I mean, the colors are too neutral for a typical super suit but the IDEA is pure gold.

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Project Runway: Let them eat cake!

No television show is going to be my favourite every week. All of the shows I consistently watch are flawed. Some of them deeply. To the point where I wonder why I am still watching. Last night’s episode of Project Runway made me sad. And also angry.

Andrea, for reasons she very clearly doesn’t want to share, fled the apartment and the show in the middle of the night. And then she apparently quit via email. We’d barely begun to process this bizarre turn of events when Kooan (literally) bowed out of the competition. So then last week’s loser, Raul, was brought back in — and proceeded to go on at length about his awesomeness. Things happen for a reason, said Tim (aside: I love Tim Gunn, he was great dealing with this). The problem is the things were really kind of upsetting and if the reason was to give Raul more opportunity to self-aggrandize while making ugly clothes, I’m not sure we needed that. I entirely agree with the decision to bring him back — Andrea should have spoken up and left at the end of that challenge not hours later while everyone was asleep — but I don’t have to like him or his fashion. And I don’t.

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