Superheroines of the Night: Diane Kruger, Busy Phillips, and Michelle Williams

First we have to talk about this:

My thoughts go like so:
1. Zomg!
2. But where’s Josh?
3. But but do you think Diane&Josh and Busy&Michelle have super fashionable dinner parties?
5. Charlie‘s Angels

Now let’s talk clothes.

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League of Fashion

Wonder Madonna needs her League, so here they are:

Iman. ‘Nuff said.

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Worst Dressed at the Globes: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Okay, she wasn’t alone. I’ve already brought up Heidi Klum’s Bizarro wrap and Julianne Moore gave us this:

1. That colour does you no favors on the red carpet. Especially at that length (and it looks too long to boot).
2. This fabric saves every wrinkle and here they are on parade across her middle.
3. What IS that sleeve?

But maybe it looks better in motion, y’know?

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Best of the Rest (AmfAR IV)

Camilla Belle in Gucci Premiere. It speaks for itself.

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Interactive Wednesday: Marilyn Monroe (Cannes)

It’s the battle of the Marilyns: Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams are at Cannes this week, promoting their films (You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and Fair Game, and Blue Valentine, respectively). Naomi was recently cast as Marilyn in Blonde based on the fictionalized memoir of the same name (by Joyce Carol Oates) and Michelle is expected to play her in an as yet untitled film directed by Simon Curtis. So who will be the better Marilyn? And who is making the biggest fashion splash at Cannes?

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