Superheroine of the Night: Naomi Watts

I know everybody wants Katee Sackhoff for Carol Danvers in the Captain Marvel movie they’re not making. I’d be good with Katee. Or Charlize. Or Yvonne. Or Diane. Or Evan. Or Naya. But now and forever I will campaign for Naomi.

Naomi Watts

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Superheroes at the Oscars: Emma Stone

Tony and Pepper were flawless Sunday night, but there were a few other superheroes on the red carpet (not as many as last year, we failed to complete a Bingo). Maybe Gwen Stacey doesn’t count as a superhero?

But Emma Stone does.

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Uniform / Controversy

As costume controversy has swirled around recent redesigns and movie revelations, I’ve said a few time that if it were up to me and realism all superheroes would wear uniforms, like the military. And I’d like to clarify that a little. I would hope it is very clear that I L-O-V-E-LOVE superhero and comic book fashion. This blog should be proof of that, right? So what am I talking about calling for “uniforms”, right?

I wants this jacket!

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Undercover Angels

So, if you are a superheroine and you are going incognito in a nightclub, what do you wear?

Okay, Jenn Walters (She-Hulk, on the left) is in jeans and what looks like a cute blouse that doesn’t fit — that sounds in character. And Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel, center) does NOT own that green and yellow peek-a-boo ensemble BUT she has the ability to change her clothes into whatever she wants and I totally believe she decided on this after giving the line going into the club a glance. I mean, look all the way to the left. THAT WOMAN IS NOT WEARING PANTS. Carol saw that and decided to go Carrie Bradshaw Does Club Trashy. Makes perfect sense.

But Jess Drew (Spider-Woman, on the right)… Jess Drew would never consent to wearing that and it sure as HELL did not come out of her closet. Now, Jess has been here before, or at least dealt with these people before, so I guess she knows what it’s like and could have this atrocity for this specific purpose. I GUESS.

So, if you are a supermodel (sort of) and you are going incognito in a nightclub, what do you wear?

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