Spice World

The Olympics are over for another two/four years (depending on how you view it) and I found plenty of superheroes in the past two weeks plus. But before we get to any of them we have to talk about these five girls:

I’ve been told calling anyone over 12 a ‘girl’ is disingenuous but it’s in their name. And I am that girl (I’m way over 12 but I like being a girl!) who embraced (and embraces!) both the Girl Power movement that the Spice Girls epitomized and the Riot Grrl Revolution that blew up at about the same time. Spice Grrl? Riot Spice? Whatever, I love the Spice Girls! They’ve played superheroes before and they brought the heroine chic to their Olympic performance.

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Ice Idol: Johnny Weir

I love Johnny Weir. He’s hardly the most technically proficient or athletic skater. He’s not a factor in the medal hunt at Vancouver unless the superstars screw up. His off-ice antics often outshadow his on-ice performances. But he always, always puts on a show. And he always, always, always dresses for the occasion.

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Hero Sightings at the Olympics!

The first weekend of the Vancouver Olympics gave us so many superheroes!

In Freestyle Skiing, Women’s Moguls, Hannah Kearney won the gold for the United States of America. I give you:

Captain America!

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The Wonder Twins versus Ursa Major! Vancouver Olympic Opening Ceremonies

I love the Olympics. I’d watch a skeeball competition if it was an Olympic event. But beyond the excitement of the sports and the idealistic concept of it being an event that bypasses all the horrors of sharing our world, there is the pageantry. And there is no better showcase for it (nope, not even Ice Dancing) than the Opening Ceremonies.

Of course, being me, while I enjoy the cultural dramatics and the parade of host-country celebrities in concert, I pay the most attention to what people are wearing. The Olympic Opening Ceremony I remember with the most fondness is Albertville, France 1992. And it is only and all because of this:

I’ve been to France, it’s beautiful. And arguably the epicenter of the fashion world. So why expect anything less than beautiful women dressed as snowglobes escorting the athletes into the Olympic Stadium?

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