The Bored Game (Oscars V)

So, Sandra Bullock. She won the Oscar! I don’t have a firm opinion on that, I haven’t seen her film. Meryl Streep was brilliant in Julie and Julia but when is Meryl Streep not brilliant? I really like Miss Congeniality. She gave a good acceptance speech. *Shrugs*

But her dress. It’s gotten a lot of attention. She was named Best Dressed by Joan Rivers et al on Fashion Police. Well, here’s my take:


I mean, she looks great. She looks like an Oscar Winner. She kinda looks like an Oscar. And I love her hair and make-up. But it doesn’t make me stop and stare. This is by far the best picture of the dress I’ve seen and I don’t really have much to say about it at all. So. I won’t!

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Risk is the name of the game. (Oscars IV)

I mostly love Carey Mulligan’s dress and I mostly hate Zoe Saldana’s but I absolutely adore them both for wearing them. To be a real fashionista takes courage because these kinds of dresses are polarising, you’ll end up on just as many Worst Dressed lists as Best Dressed. But I’d much rather be disturbed than bored. And if I were a starlet, I’d rather be known as someone who takes risks than someone who plays it safe.

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Superheroine of the night: Miley Cyrus?!?!?!? (Oscars III)

Okay, she is not my pick for Best Dressed (!) but she is my pick for Most Superheroine-y. And it’s not just because she has all sorts of experience with the whole secret identity thing (it helps) but look:

She looks like a bruiser in a ballgown. She looks like she is hulking up! Look!

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Superhero of the Night: Neil Patrick Harris (Oscars II)

Is it even a contest?

NPH showed up on stage and lit up the auditorium, the blogoshpere, Twitter and the night. His tux GLITTERS.

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It’s my blog, Diane gets her own post! (Oscars I)

Diane Kruger is my favourite.

(Hi Quentin! Sorry about your loss.) Okay, when I first caught sight of this (after the “Diane’s arrived!” squeeee) I was scared. I’m not a fan of the halter neckline, there seem to be three different ideas going on top to bottom and that’s a LOT of dress. But the more I look at it, the more I like it (reminiscent of my reaction to the pink Lacroix she wore to the Globes). Especially the detailing, which is something that doesn’t jump off the screen, BUT I have tracked down every picture so let me show you Read the rest of this entry »