Superheroine of the Night: Naya Rivera

Awards Season is on y’all and the first big shindig was the People’s Choice Awards. And our first superheroine of the night is Glee’s Naya Rivera:

This girl is on fire! (Has Santana sung that? She should.) I mean, the colors are too neutral for a typical super suit but the IDEA is pure gold.

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Superheroine of the Night: Naomi Watts (with assist by Tony Stark)

Naomi Watts has been out of the spotlight the past year or so, but she decided to come back with a BANG. She has at least 5 films coming out this year, she just scored her second Oscar Nomination, and she showed up to the People’s Choice Awards in sparkling gold heroine chic:

a photo of Naomi Watts at the People's Choice Awards

And then, to secure her title as Superheroine of the Night, she presented the award to Tony Stark himself.

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Superheroine of the Night: Emma Stone

At first I was scared that Ashley Greene’s unfortunate leather mini was my best bet for a superheroine. But then Emma showed up.

True she could almost be the Joker. But the details make it come across more like a uniform than a suit. Fine line but that’s what this website is all about. Here’s the long look:

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Supervillain of the Night: Vanessa Hudgens

Ah, the People’s Choice Awards. One of the more silly awards shows and let’s be real, awards shows are silly. But! Also fun and it’s not like I didn’t vote (though a few categories I had to skip entirely, like Choice Male in a Comedy Movie or whatever it was Adam Sandler won…I could not in good conscience cast my vote for any of the Choice choices. I wrote in Robert Pattinson.)

Anyways, Vanessa’s was the first picture I saw from the Red Carpet and I knew immediately she’d make it to the end as our supervillain. I mean, look at her:

Spider-Queen! …OMG, remember when Captain Janeway had to be Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People in Tom Paris’s 50s sci-fi holodeck program? Baby V grew up to be so awesome.

Best Dressed: Selena Gomez (PCAs)

I just adore Selena Gomez. Adore. But I am being up front about it! And there is only one look I liked as much as Selena’s:

Taylor Swift in J. Mendel. Breathtaking and with that cut out it’s even a bit heroine chic. Beautiful, beautiful. But then there is Selena (in Paula Ka):

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Night of a Thousand Ingenues (PCAs)

The title of this post is not meant to refer to the fact that newly single Zac Efron was photographed with every young woman at the awards show (but just sos you know, he was). No, it refers to the parade of actresses 16 to 26 that peopled the Peoples Choice “red” (it’s blue) carpet.

Let’s start with MY choice for Best New TV Drama, here are the Hellcats (Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale):

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Superheroine of the Night: Raven-Symone (PCAs)

Oh, the People’s Choice Awards.

I think that says it all. Except one more thing — Awards Season is a GO, everybody! And so here is our first superheroine of the night for 2011:

Raven-Symone looks dangerous in this Robert Ellis leather ensemble. And you can see in this close-up:

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