Princess Week: Ariel

I love The Little Mermaid. And as much as I admire and adore the princesses who came before her and after her, Ariel will always be my princess.

The Little Mermaid debuted in November, 1989. I was thirteen years old and I’d just started ninth grade. My mother had died suddenly the April before. I don’t remember what my first impression of the film was. But over the next five years I started dyeing my strawberry blond hair redder and redder, I purchased multiple copies of the Part of Your World sheet music and used it for all my auditions, and the great majority of my money from after school jobs went to Little Mermaid merchandise. And not just cute shirts and mini-backpacks. If they put Ariel on it, I would buy it. Ariel collected human stuff and I collected Ariel stuff.

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Ready-to-Wear: Cinderella

There is one surefire way to invoke Cinderella no matter what you are wearing.

Glass slippers! Marc Jacob recently released a transparent pump that fulfills every Cinderella fantasy I have ever had:

But until my fairy godmother sends them to me, here are some alternatives for under $600.

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Ready-to-Wear: Snow White

I recently returned from Disney World and I already want to go back. But do you know there are rules about cosplay in the Magic Kingdom? If you are old enough to be mistaken for a Disney Princess you will not be admitted to a Disney park in princess costume (I did once go to EPCOT dressed as Fleur Delacour). So what’s a girl to do?

Ready-to-Wear Princess is both more simple and more difficult to pull off than Ready-to-Wear Superhero. Princess-like attire — soft, feminine, pretty — is ubiquitous in the girls and women’s sections. But this also makes it less distinctive. So it’s important to pay attention to detail. What’s most characteristic of Snow White’s look?

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Princess Week: Snow White

It’s National Princess Week! To celebrate, my daughters and I watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow White was the original Disney Princess after all, and seventy-five years later, she is having a banner year!

Ginnifer Goodwin in Once Upon a Time

Lily Collins in Mirror Mirror

Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman

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