Project Runway All-Stars 1.9

“But she’d fit right in at Comic-Con.”

I agree (guest judge) Pharell Williams. I also agree that this screams Mortal Kombat (MORTAL KOMBAT). Mortal Kombat by way of Tron. So is it heroine chic or is it straight-up costume?

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Project Runway All-Stars 1.8

Well. On the plus side, the challenge “make a dress inspired by a flag” yields inherently heroine chic looks. On the minus side no one did particularly well with it, I’m tired of The Mondo Show, and Mila went home for making an awesomely conceptual, very well-crafted, and interesting dress. But let’s start with the positive:

Kenley made another super cute dress that the judges (begrudgingly?) loved despite her making the same kind of super cute dress every week. It is very heroine chic in its cut. And as Joanna Coles pointed out on Twitter last night, this is a play on a stars and stripes dress!

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Project Runway All-Stars 1.6

There was only one garment on the runway that was passably heroine chic and its designer was sent home. So this post is going to be about Kenley:

Kenley Collins beat Mondo (such a favourite I am beginning to think this whole All-Stars season was created to hand him a win) in the fashion face-off and nearly won the whole challenge. But Jerell said only Minnie Mouse would wear her jumper and everything I’ve read online seems to agree. Here is the look in question:

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Project Runway All-Stars 1.5

I had a fever while watching this episode but what I got out of it is Kenley and Kara should open a boutique together. A MOBILE boutique. It can’t be an actual tugboat and travel the world but maybe it could be a boat dressed up to look like a tugboat. Okay, it’s an absurdly expensive idea and probably an absurdly expensive idea that is Actually Absurd. You can blame it on the fever and the fact that my two fave PR All Stars are besties (to the point where Michael wants to tear them down, or so the editors want us to believe…or maybe so Michael wants the editors to want us to believe… reality tv is so confusing).

ANYWAY, this week’s heroine chic:


Mondo won with this jacket. The rest of the look was chic and very ‘Mondo’ but I’m pretty sure this jacket was the winner. And with the architectural cut it is also quite heroine chic.

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Project Runway All-Stars 1.4

I don’t know if there was anything heroine chic about this episode 😦 But I do have THOUGHTS on the episode. And my thoughts on Michael’s dress are in keeping with this site’s POV so there we go.

Here’s Michael’s (winning!) look:

It was not my favourite on the runway but I see why it won. It’s a signature look, it’s comparatively well-made, properly proportioned. Miranda Kerr won’t be embarrassed to show up in it even if I can’t imagine her wearing it. Who can I imagine wearing it?

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Project Runway All-Stars 1.2

“Night at the Opera” doesn’t scream “heroine chic”. It doesn’t even whisper it. These aren’t red carpet events, there’s not going to be a fashion recap, no alleged fashion blogger is going to scan through the pics to find the one who looks like she belongs in a comic book. As much as I now want to show up at the next scheduled performance to click pictures I can then scan through to find the one who looks like she belongs in a comic book, that’s not what opera is. So we don’t have too too much in the running for Superheroine Pick of the Week. But when has that ever stopped me??

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Project Runway All-Stars 1.1

Yay, it’s PR time! When I say that in chats my friend gets confused because when she sees “PR” in terms of a television series she thinks Power Rangers. Which begs the question: Power Rangers All-Stars, y/y? But, no, I’m talking about PROJECT RUNWAY and I have to say, All-Stars, I’m thrilled to see you. The last season of Project Runway Not All-Stars was awful. My family and I struggled to remember who ended up in the finals and when we did finally piece it together we were annoyed at how it all played out. But with All-Stars not only do we get people who already know how to be on television but in theory we get worthy designers (in theory). PLUS we get Isaac Mizrahi, who I’ve followed and adored since Unzipped and my new favourite secret supervillain Joanna Coles. She is clearly Lex Luthor and I love her.

With All-Star competitions, every week ends up nail-biting because no matter who goes home it’s SOMEONE and usually someone I CARE about. Even this first episode, though there were two people I didn’t recognize at all (apparently I didn’t watch Season 7?), my tummy was flippy-floppy. My Fantastic Four are Mondo, Austin Scarlett, Kenley, and especially Kara Janx. And yes, with those names they should also be a Fashion Superteam (Fashion Four? Fantastic Fashion? Hmmm). Anyway, so to cheer me up in the future inevitable moment when someone I REALLY REALLY CARE about is not-aufed-but-dismissed-by-not-Heidi I’m going to play PR All Stars Superheroine Pick of the Week! And Michael Kors isn’t around to roll his eyes, yay!

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