One-der Woman: Katy Perry (VMAs)

1. I called her Wonder Woman here.
2. I heart That Thing You Do.

Not everybody could pull this off (I ADORE the runway of this Marchesa creation), but Katy does. She looks stylish and fun and she’s right that it reads “Ice Skater” but somehow it all works together and avoids trashy and trying to hard (see: Ke$ha for both).

But the single sleeve was also a trend:

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Interactive Wednesday: Reality Comics

For this week’s poll I have something a little different.

Jubilee is bored. And a bored Jubilee is BAD NEWS. I mean, look what she’s wearing. That is what happens when Jubilee is bored! Entertain her?

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The What-What? (WHCAD IV)

I seriously cannot decide which of our “White House Correspondents” is the most fun. There are SO MANY to choose from. Like:


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