Superheroines of the Met Gala

Because it is actually impossible to pick only one.




Rita Ora


How these are not behind-the-scenes images off a Wonder Woman-esque film set I DO NOT KNOW.

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Princess of the Night: Rihanna

If this isn’t a picture of a modern fairytale princess, I don’t know what is:

an image of Rihanna at the Grammy Awards 2013

Rihanna in vintage Alaia

It could be a movie poster. Coming soon to theaters near you: Rihanna is ROSE RED in the updated fairytale classic.

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Supervillainess of the Night: Mary Kate Olson

Guys, there are SO MANY supers to talk about from the Met Gala. I love the Met Gala. And the Alexander McQueen Tribute Theme made for some AMAZING fashion. But for Absolute Supervillainess Chic, MK ran away with it:

This can only be described as “Ode to The Joker”.

Well, it could also be “Ode to Christmas” but that is less relevant to my life. Here’s full length:

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Interactive Wednesday: Leggings

Wonder Woman has a new costume.

I like a lot of this. I like the top, I can get behind the jacket, she looks fashionable and yet tough. The gold looks heavy and it’s a little too throwback to the early nineties for me but overall, I like it. Just one thing.

Wonder Woman is wearing Liquid Leggings.

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Rihanna, you oughta be in comics.

It’s everywhere; Riri dyed her hair. But when I saw the pics of Rihanna performing for Saturday’s Rock in Rio Madrid Festival in Spain I was so amazed at her outfit her hair barely registered:

Can you really blame me? She’s wearing a cone bra made out of rubber with granny panties and fishnets. Also suspenders. And what look like patent leather combat boots.

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Superheroine of the Night: Skrull, I mean, Katy Perry

Saturday night was the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Show — my husband likes to call it the Oscars (with Slime) but it is much closer to the Golden Globes (with Slime). But like the Oscars, or the Globes, the stars come out with bells on, so here are the super fashion highlights (with Slime)!

Before we get the real supers, I want to give a shout out to one of my favourite young stars, and winner of the Kids Choice Award for Best Actress on TV, Selena Gomez.

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