Superheroes at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Tony Stark:

Bruce Wayne:

Lois Lane:

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Superheroine of the Night: Naomi Watts (with assist by Tony Stark)

Naomi Watts has been out of the spotlight the past year or so, but she decided to come back with a BANG. She has at least 5 films coming out this year, she just scored her second Oscar Nomination, and she showed up to the People’s Choice Awards in sparkling gold heroine chic:

a photo of Naomi Watts at the People's Choice Awards

And then, to secure her title as Superheroine of the Night, she presented the award to Tony Stark himself.

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Superhero of the Night: Robert Downey Jr.

You know, when I suggested that Gwyneth Paltrow reads my blog I was kidding. But:

RDJ wore Ready-to-Wear Iron Man to comic con. Like. Literally.

It’s best summed up by a comment that flew past my twitter feed while I was on vacation last week, a comment I just sort of giggled at while on the beach and forgot about until I saw THIS:

“I see Tony Stark wore his Robert Downey Jr. Suit to comic con this year.”

Superheroes at the Oscars: Emma Stone

Tony and Pepper were flawless Sunday night, but there were a few other superheroes on the red carpet (not as many as last year, we failed to complete a Bingo). Maybe Gwen Stacey doesn’t count as a superhero?

But Emma Stone does.

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Superheroine of the Night: Gwyneth Paltrow

It was not an Oscars for heroine chic. Watching E’s and then ABC’s Red Carpet, at 8PM I had but one passable contender for SotN and it was J-Lo. J-Lo! But then Gwyneth arrived and saved the night exactly as a fashion superheroine should:

With a cape.

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Superhero of the Night: Robert Downey Jr.

Obvious choice is obvious:

RDJ actually took home the “Hero” award at Spike’s Scream Awards. Because he IS Tony Stark and Tony Stark IS the Greatest American Hero. Other than the Greatest American Hero (…believe it or not it’s just me!). And Captain America. You know.

Are you now hearing the hip-hop/disco version of the Greatest American Hero Theme Song playing? Because that’s what I hear looking at this picture! Maybe Pepper’s BFF Jay-Z can make that happen.

Cap It!

In my quest for heroine chic at the Oscars I found all these ADORABLE pictures. Let’s play a game (that is actually, yes, totally an excuse to post these adorable pictures)! Best caption will win a prize (superhero themes DO get more points) —>


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Superheroes of the Night: Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law

Seriously the Oscars were just sorta on until they showed up.

And then, as I read on tumblr: Everything was RDJude and nothing hurt.

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Superheroes on the Red Carpet

Is it me or is everyone in a superhero movie? I mean, not really, but as I collected images for last weekend’s Critics Choice and Golden Globes Awards Shows I noticed there were a LOT of superhero actors in the crowd.

Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale won big this weekend, and this awards season so far; his turn in The Fighter is the clear front-runner for the Oscar. As for his style … well, he remains one of the very prettiest actors out there (those flowing locks could be insured I bet). But Bruce Wayne it isn’t. When does The Dark Knight Rises start filming?

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Interactive Wednesday: Avengers! (Comic-Con)

As I’m sure you’ve heard, ladies and gentleman, your Avengers:

I could babble about my excitement (of which there is LOTS) or my concerns (of which there are MANY) but instead let’s talk fashion.

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