Superheroine of the Night: Nina Dobrev. I guess.

The SAG Awards weren’t much for heroine chic this year. Nina squeaked in courtesy of her cutouts:

Nina Dobrev

It’s a pretty look on a pretty girl and the color + those little slits are heroine chic-y enough. Read the rest of this entry »

Princess of the Night: Kiernan Shipka

If you don’t watch Mad Men I urge you to give it a try just for Sally Draper. Sally is a firecracker and so is the young actress who plays her.

a photo of Kiernan Shipka at the 2013 SAG Awards

And her style is amazing. Read the rest of this entry »

Superheroine of the Night: Lea Michele versus Heather Morris

I understand that Lea Michele wants the world to know that she is not Rachel Berry.

But girl, NO. That is not how a high thigh slit WORKS. The dress will do it for you. You do not want fashion bloggers of the world to catch you positioning your dress for maximum leg. This absolutely screams Trying Too Hard. It hurts me to look at, Lea. I am uncomfortable for you! Which, honestly, makes you seem more like Rachel.

Let’s try to look at the dress without your handling: Read the rest of this entry »

Superheroine of the Night: Julie Bowen

The SAG Awards fashion was boring y’all. But Julie Bowen stepped out in this:

At least somebody wanted to embrace her Inner Superheroine.

Here’s another angle: Read the rest of this entry »