Superhero of the Night: Robert Downey Jr.

You know, when I suggested that Gwyneth Paltrow reads my blog I was kidding. But:

RDJ wore Ready-to-Wear Iron Man to comic con. Like. Literally.

It’s best summed up by a comment that flew past my twitter feed while I was on vacation last week, a comment I just sort of giggled at while on the beach and forgot about until I saw THIS:

“I see Tony Stark wore his Robert Downey Jr. Suit to comic con this year.”

Heroine Chic at Comic-Con

If ever there was an event to embrace heroine chic it’s San Diego Comic Con, right? Well, Vanessa Hudgens thinks so:

Look at her alongside her Sucker Punch castmates:

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This is a post about Green Lantern. But mostly Blake Lively. (Comic-Con)

Okay, here’s the obligatory Ryan Reynolds/Hal Jordan picture:

I don’t really get the appeal of either. Let’s talk about why I care about Green Lantern:

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Angelina Jolie introduces Spy Barbie (Comic-Con)


Angelina has embraced Spy Style. There you see the leather and shades but here she is on stage as Spy Barbie:

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