Interactive Wednesday: Pretty Little Liars (Teen Choice)

Last night’s Summer finale of Pretty Little Liars had my head spinning. There are so many characters and plots! And I missed the marathon (stupid work) so when {Spoiler!} was revealed as Alison’s secret boyfriend I was jumping up and down going Wait, which one is that?! I made even more of a scene about the fact that Aria’s nail polish in the final scenes was THE SAME AS IN THE CREDIT SEQUENCE (hot pink brightly lit due to the subdued “it’s the middle of the night” lighting). And then {Spoiler!} happened and, well, long story short, when does it start up again???

Anyway. The Liars walked the red-blue-green carpet at the Teen Choice Awards together and like the Sex and the City and Gossip Girls girls before them, they looked like a super-group (hero, villain, super-spy, or singing variety is up for debate):

I like how Lucy and Shay have their smiles (!) on, Troian looks like she’s purposefully not smiling but not not smiling (and setting herself slightly apart from the others) and Ashley is giving the camera the ‘this is so manufactured’ look. Let’s take them individually–

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