Ready-to-Wear Superhero: Gwen Stacy (Back-to-School Series)

I saved my favourite for last.

Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker at school, talking. Still from The Amazing Spider-Man.

It’s no secret that I love Spider-Man. But ever since I saw this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man I have been obsessed with Gwen Stacy’s shoes. I need to own them. Screen accuracy would be ideal, but a) I still haven’t discovered what boots those actually are and b) the costume pieces purchased for the film were available during filming — fashion moves on. But even a like version has proven difficult to find, especially for under $300. The fact that it was Summer (in New England) probably has something to do with that, boots are just now appearing in stores again, so my quest is far from over. I will have Gwen Stacy Shoes.

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Superhero of the Night: Andrew Garfield

It’s hard for a guy to win Superhero of the Night at a blacktie event. There are those — like Alan Cummings — who go for it and get rewarded for their weirdness (though note that I labelled him a villain). But there’s just not that much play for the boys side. Mostly everybody looks like this:

Now before you go pointing out my Spidey-bias (note: I am totally biased) Andrew didn’t win just because he happens to play a superhero. Wolverine and Cyclops were also there! And NPH did a super-swell job as host. But Andrew gets the title for moments like this:

What do you see, Gwen and Peter?

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Superheroes at the MTV Movie Awards: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

I can’t with these two.

Recently I was in an airport, waiting to board, and wearing a t-shirt that mimics Spider-Man’s costume. The shirt got a lot of compliments from both friends and strangers and this one chatty (or bored) passenger also waiting to board asked “Why Spider-Man?”. I’m not very good at small talk and the question caught me off-guard so I didn’t have a clever answer; all I could do was tell the truth.

“Because he’s a little guy who does the right thing because it’s the right thing,” I explained. “I really believe in his ‘with great power comes great responsibility schtick’ and it’s my opinion that we all have great power so we all have the responsibility to do good in the world.”

Chatty Guy was somewhat taken aback by this. I’m sure he expected a less earnest and more ‘Spider-powers are cool’ answer. But his follow up was “So…we should all wear Spider-Man shirts?” so I think he appreciated it. We moved on to discussing Captain America ice cream and the stereotype (that I was totally willing to play along with) that over-earnest superfans like myself must be geniuses.

All of which is to say: I have a lot of feelings for and about Spider-Man. And these two…

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Bow Ties are Cool at the Kids Choice Awards

So is hipster still hipster if everyone is doing it?

Here’s Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Of One Direction, the latest boy band craze. I haven’t actually ever heard One Direction but I’m pretty sure that both “boy band” and “craze” disqualify them from the hipster scene. So does that mean bow ties are ACTUALLY cool (aka “mainstream”) and therefore also disqualified? How will mainstreamers be able to identify hipsters if the mainstreamers are the ones wearing the bow ties and suspenders?! I am so confused!

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Things that are Amazing. Things that could be Better.

I love Spider-Man. And like any geek, I like to show off my love by collecting and displaying things related to Spider-Man. I have toys and web-crawling earbuds and I have t-shirts and sneakers. But to get these things I usually have to shop the “Boys” aisles. So when I saw this, I got really excited:


Spidey-polish (by OPI)! My own nails are a disaster. Most of the 12 year old boys who my Spider-shirts and -shoes are actually made for probably have prettier ones. But I would buy this anyway because it’s that amazing. And because I want to support the initiative. And because, like I said, I collect things related to my love of Spider-Man!

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Superheroes at the Oscars: Emma Stone

Tony and Pepper were flawless Sunday night, but there were a few other superheroes on the red carpet (not as many as last year, we failed to complete a Bingo). Maybe Gwen Stacey doesn’t count as a superhero?

But Emma Stone does.

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Interactive Wednesday: Gwen or Mary Jane?

Let’s start with this:

Guys, I’m so excited for this movie. I was not at first. In my eyes Spider-Man 2 is perfect and Spider-Man 3 is best forgotten (to avoid RAGE) and basically, I was over Spidey’s origin story and frankly, tired of the Hollywood/American idealization of youth and the rush to make movies just to keep making money and tie-in toys for McDonalds that are never marketed to girls despite the fact that Spider-Man is the favourite hero of all the females in my house.

But then it got cute.

Here’s our Gwen Stacey at the Met Gala:

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Superheroes on the Red Carpet

Is it me or is everyone in a superhero movie? I mean, not really, but as I collected images for last weekend’s Critics Choice and Golden Globes Awards Shows I noticed there were a LOT of superhero actors in the crowd.

Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale won big this weekend, and this awards season so far; his turn in The Fighter is the clear front-runner for the Oscar. As for his style … well, he remains one of the very prettiest actors out there (those flowing locks could be insured I bet). But Bruce Wayne it isn’t. When does The Dark Knight Rises start filming?

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Ready-to-Wear Superhero: Spider-Man


My five year old daughter just became obsessed with Spider-Man. I don’t know how it happened. Now she is being Spider-man for Halloween, plays the Spider-Man 2 PS2 game at every opportunity and goes around singing the theme song. While observing this new found love for Spider-Man in my daughter I noticed a few things:

• Spider-Man’s look is truly iconic. You know who you’re looking at when you see his costume.
• Spider-Man’s costume has almost nothing to do with spiders as far as I can tell.
• It is a pure ‘costume’. You could never wear anything like it and be considered fashionable.

Since I’m always up for a challenge, I started thinking about how a modern woman could dress as Spider-Man and not get laughed off the streets. I think I came up with some cool alternatives.

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