Ready-To-Wear: Tintin

As I mentioned over here on Fantastic Fangirls I have been a TINTIN fan since forever. Specifically since I was a nine year old world traveler accompanying my father the professor (he was Chair of the Theatre Department at Wesleyan University and taught Dana Delany and Bradley Whitford among others). I imagine anyone geek/chic enough to follow this blog knows there is a Tintin movie coming because here are some of the people involved: Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Steven Moffat, John Williams (of course), Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg, and Jamie Bell. I was going to do this when the movie came out in the U.S. (wide release December 21) but Jamie announced a Tintin Dress Up contest on Twitter. Let me repeat that: Jamie Bell announced a Tintin Dress Up contest on Twitter (details via amusing youtube short). How could my geek/chic dress-up-like-comic-book-characters fashion blog ignore that? So while I can’t enter (I live on the other side of the big water from the London premiere) I can be inspired (and inspiring?). Ready-to-wear TINTIN!

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Superheroine of the Night: Kate Capshaw (WHCAD II)

No, really. I mean, yes, this is a fashion disaster with a side of hot mess.

And no, I don’t mean Spielberg, Steve’s looking rather dashing, all told. I mean the pearls and the beret and the dress and the — everything — on Kate. BUT LOOK:

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