Supervillain of the Night: Grace Jones (AmfAR III)

I saw this picture and said “Oh hell yeah!” Literally. Out loud.

You totally did, too, right? Now, this is ridiculous. But it is certainly heroine chic. And everyone knows if you wear purple and red you are a villain.

But she wasn’t the only villain there:

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A Berlinele Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in fashion-occupied France, Berlinele and her beau, Pacey*, arrived in Nice in their civilian identities — Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson:

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It’s a Billie Piper Post!

Last week Billie Piper appeared on The Graham Norton Show, a British late night talk show, alongside Toni Collette and Shappi Korsandi.

As I tweeted when I watched the show on BBC America: Billie, your dress doesn’t fit.

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Dressing the part: Sharon, Nicole and Halle

Sharon Stone wore this to a special screening of Behind the Bulrly Q, a movie about burlesque dancers.

I think she might have burlesque dancer confused with dominatrix. But it is nonetheless a good example of “worn with the event in mind”. And with elbow gloves and fishnets she is certainly on her way to superhero chic as we define it (though Tim Gunn disagrees on the chic part).

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Soon all of Europe will be represented.

Throughthebrush submitted this revelation by way of The Fug Girls [And a special thanks to the Fug Girls for the jump in participation at Jumpsuit Wars. Don’t worry, Pacey WILL get a winner’s post (like I need an excuse to dedicate a post to Joshua Jackson). Watch this space!]

Anyway, back to France’s new supervillain:

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Fools, Fish, Fringe and Fashion!

Hey all, it’s April 1st. Which people like to call April Fool’s Day:

I might have to change my mind about Katy Perry wanting to be in the Aquaman movie. She clearly really wants to be Harley Quinn. That’s her at Perez Hilton’s birthday bash. Here she is at the Today Show:

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All Hail King Karl

Karl Lagerfeld is a real person. It’s kind of amazing. He looks, acts, and speaks like a Bond villain but he is a real person. And unapologetically real at that.

“That is because there is only culture.”

So there is absolutely amazing interview in which Karl espouses about everything and nothing in his own special Lagerfeld way. It’s conversational, controversial, and long, but seriously, read the real interview not the many soundbyte versions out there. It’s entirely worth it, he’s a trip, and you will actually understand what he is saying, as outrageous as it sometimes is. Outrageous and secretly brilliant. Like Dr. Doom.

Meanwhile, he’s also responsible for this:

Hello, Emma Frost’s arctic safari look.

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Superheroine of the night: Miley Cyrus?!?!?!? (Oscars III)

Okay, she is not my pick for Best Dressed (!) but she is my pick for Most Superheroine-y. And it’s not just because she has all sorts of experience with the whole secret identity thing (it helps) but look:

She looks like a bruiser in a ballgown. She looks like she is hulking up! Look!

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Superhero of the Night: Neil Patrick Harris (Oscars II)

Is it even a contest?

NPH showed up on stage and lit up the auditorium, the blogoshpere, Twitter and the night. His tux GLITTERS.

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All I gotta say is: Kim Kardashian

I plan a full Fashion Week look-thru-and-review with a special guest blogger but until then, here’s a gem I just couldn’t ignore. I do not like Kim Kardashian (or, honestly, anyone on a non-competitive reality series) (or any of the finding love competitive reality series) (or the put a bunch of people in a house together and make them act like fools and vote them out one by one competitive reality series) (Survivor is ok, but) (yeah, mostly the only reality series I like are related to cooking) (and fashion, of course, but even those have some issues) (ANYWAY) but she does like clothes. Apparently she is getting into design herself! And hey, that can only be good for this blog. Look:

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