Superheroine of the night: Miley Cyrus?!?!?!? (Oscars III)

Okay, she is not my pick for Best Dressed (!) but she is my pick for Most Superheroine-y. And it’s not just because she has all sorts of experience with the whole secret identity thing (it helps) but look:

She looks like a bruiser in a ballgown. She looks like she is hulking up! Look!

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Superhero of the Night: Neil Patrick Harris (Oscars II)

Is it even a contest?

NPH showed up on stage and lit up the auditorium, the blogoshpere, Twitter and the night. His tux GLITTERS.

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All I gotta say is: Kim Kardashian

I plan a full Fashion Week look-thru-and-review with a special guest blogger but until then, here’s a gem I just couldn’t ignore. I do not like Kim Kardashian (or, honestly, anyone on a non-competitive reality series) (or any of the finding love competitive reality series) (or the put a bunch of people in a house together and make them act like fools and vote them out one by one competitive reality series) (Survivor is ok, but) (yeah, mostly the only reality series I like are related to cooking) (and fashion, of course, but even those have some issues) (ANYWAY) but she does like clothes. Apparently she is getting into design herself! And hey, that can only be good for this blog. Look:

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“Kanye West’s Amber Rose” is almost a Super-name already

Amber Rose is a model but does anyone even remember that? She’s Kanye’s girlfriend and arm candy and constantly wears outfits that upstage them both (which is Quite The Feat! considering). This gem from her appearance at Christian Siriano’s Fashion Week Show is pretty subdued really, but still made a stir even sans Kanye:

It’s pretty, really, a super dressed for the party. Because that hair and those nails — she’s a super. But Hero or Villain? Hmmmm.

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Introduction to Red Carpet Superhero

I love superheroes. I love fashion. I love celebrity fashion. And I love creating characters. How can I combine all these loves?

Red Carpet Superhero.

Here’s how it works —

This is Diane Kruger. She is wearing Karl Lagerfeld at the Berlin premiere for Sherlock Holmes. Now, maybe it’s that I have a mini-obsession with Diane Kruger and maybe it’s that I want to cast her as multiple superheroes (NOT girlfriend-of-the-superhero, as she said herself) or maybe it’s that when you say Sherlock Holmes I think Tony Stark — but that look right there, head-to-toe, makes me think: Superhero!

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