Ready-to-Wear: Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony Week)

an image of Pinkie Pie looking cute♪ Hi, I’m Pinkie-Pie, let’s throwapartynowtogetherfor you and I! ♪

Pinkie, this is supposed to be my segment.

But it’s about ME!

Non, it is about FASHION!

Fashion about ME?

Non! Fashion inspired by you but put together — and presented — by me. Rarity. Not you. Pinkie.

That’s not how you spell No.


You keep spelling No (N-O) Non (N-O-N). That’s not how you spell it. I know (K-N-O-W) how to spell No because everyone is always telling me it.

an image of Rarity side-eyeing …It’s French!

Oh! Français! Mais oui, je comprends tout. Merci pour l’explication. Maintenant, vous pouvez présenter votre mode de tous les poneys. Continuez, Rareté, mon ami.


o~ ^_^ ~o

Well, hello again everypony! Pinkie Pie is an earth pony who enjoys parties. She brings cheer and laughter to everypony she meets…whether they want her to or not.

Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony Week)

Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony Week) by redcarpetsuperhero featuring

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