Fantasy Chic at the Grammys

Princess Rihanna wasn’t the only getting her high fantasy on at last night’s Grammy Awards. High Fantasy Chic was all over the red carpet.

a photo of Taylor Swift at the Grammys 2013

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Superheroine of the Night: Keril

Well, that was easy.

It’s generally easier to find the superheroes at music events and this year’s Billboard Music Awards was no exception. For example, Usher:

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Superheroine of the Night: Taylor Swift

There was a rumor a few years back that Taylor Swift was going to be cast as the new Supergirl. It never went anywhere, the rumor or the movie, but when I look at this:

I think of that. And I like it. What Taylor has to offer — beyond her weirdly both exotic and all-American look, her guaranteed #1 hit song for the soundtrack, her huge collection of awards and her even huger collection of fans, particularly the main chunk of 15-25 year old girls who are in theory the main audience for a Supergirl movie — is the wide-eyed exuberance she exhibits in all her videos and concerts and every time she wins and plays it off as a surprise and a gift. Like so:

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Best Dressed: Emma Stone

Hands down.

Emma Stone is everywhere lately, but I don’t mind. She is stunningly beautiful. That’s just fact. But she’s also so darn cute and sort of goofy. You just want to be her friend, you know? Like Taylor:

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Best Dressed: Selena Gomez (PCAs)

I just adore Selena Gomez. Adore. But I am being up front about it! And there is only one look I liked as much as Selena’s:

Taylor Swift in J. Mendel. Breathtaking and with that cut out it’s even a bit heroine chic. Beautiful, beautiful. But then there is Selena (in Paula Ka):

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Throwback to the Silver Screen (Met Gala V)

Whenever the stars get all dolled up inevitably someone is compared to Grace Kelly.

I nominate Kate Bosworth in Valentino Couture.

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