Superteam of the Night: Women of Comedy

How great are they? YOU ALL WIN. I don’t really watch comedy so I couldn’t tell you which of these women is best in her actual show but in last night’s show I give it to Amy Poehler’s sprint on stage. It was the perfect beginning to the gag and I love her for it.

As for fashion, one lady stands out:

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Hit! (Emmys)

The great majority of last night’s Emmys fashions fall into the “oh that’s pretty … next” category. With a few exceptions (like January) the dresses didn’t garner much discussion, but here are my top HITS:

Tina Fey in Oscar de La Renta. This look = WOW. Tina is beautiful but her red carpet style tends to be awful (she wore a jumpsuit to the Oscars!!) and this is a complete turnaround. The fit is stunning and she looks amazing. I even like the ponytail. Gives it that little bit of irreverence, a Tina Fey trademark.

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Things that make you go WHY? (Met Gala IX)

Someone has to get a handle on this jumpsuit thing. I know I’ve been playing along and all ’cause jumpsuits are totally super-worthy but, Tina Fey, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

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Risk is the name of the game. (Oscars IV)

I mostly love Carey Mulligan’s dress and I mostly hate Zoe Saldana’s but I absolutely adore them both for wearing them. To be a real fashionista takes courage because these kinds of dresses are polarising, you’ll end up on just as many Worst Dressed lists as Best Dressed. But I’d much rather be disturbed than bored. And if I were a starlet, I’d rather be known as someone who takes risks than someone who plays it safe.

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Superhero of the Night: Neil Patrick Harris (Oscars II)

Is it even a contest?

NPH showed up on stage and lit up the auditorium, the blogoshpere, Twitter and the night. His tux GLITTERS.

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