Vampire Movie Week: Interview with the Vampire

All Vampire Movie Week reviews and profiles will contain spoilers of the films.

Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Written by: Anne Rice
Directed by:
Starring: Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas, Christian Slater

Synopsis: A vampire tells an intrepid reporter his undeath story. Once a well-to-do plantation owner outside New Orleans, Louis loses his wife and child in childbirth and starts down the path of Emo. For reasons unclear this attracts the attention of the vampire Lestat and he decides to “make” Louis — turn him vampire. This makes Louis even more emo. Unhappy with the damned life of the undead, Louis refuses to drink human blood, but the lack makes him a little batty. He comes upon a young girl in a plague ridden shantytown and is so far gone he can’t help but drink her blood. Lestat finds them and without Louis’ approval turns her, too, as a gift. The child, Claudia, does succeed in making Louis less emo for a while, but she has a monster temper and eventually tries to kill off Lestat for trapping her as a little girl forever. Louis and Claudia escape to France where they meet up with an enclave of ancient-and-frankly-psycho vampires led by the supposedly charismatic Armand. Armand wants Louis to be his new right hand and when he can’t secure his interest, Claudia is burned to death. Louis in turn burns down everyone. And thus we are caught up with the present, Louis, lonely and more emo than ever and Lestat, still undead and alone. Basically a return to the status quo and when the interviewer asks to become a vampire Louis realizes probably no one will ever really understand.

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Color! (MTV Movie Awards V)

This dress is almost my favourite of the night.

Miranda Cosgrove in Versus. She looks stunning and heroine chic. I seriously want this to be a superheroine costume.

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Sparkle! (MTV Movie Awards III)

Christina wasn’t all alone in her glam. It’s a glitzy show.

Here’s Sandy, looking amazing. The best part of this dress is the back:

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Pacey and Diane and Joey and Tom (NMAs II)

Pacey and Diane went shopping at Lanvin about a month ago and here is the result:

Pacey looks fab, I love his shoes. On someone else Diane’s dress would be a bit much, but her fashion attitude makes it work as I will show you in a moment. But first, here’s Joey and Tom:

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