Superheroine of the Night: Adriane Lenox

I mean, when I think about it, I would expect more dramatic or costumey fashion from the Tony Awards right? But not really, they’re pretty staid. So Adriane here stands out. Though that hat would stand out anywhere.

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Superhero of the Night: Andrew Garfield

It’s hard for a guy to win Superhero of the Night at a blacktie event. There are those — like Alan Cummings — who go for it and get rewarded for their weirdness (though note that I labelled him a villain). But there’s just not that much play for the boys side. Mostly everybody looks like this:

Now before you go pointing out my Spidey-bias (note: I am totally biased) Andrew didn’t win just because he happens to play a superhero. Wolverine and Cyclops were also there! And NPH did a super-swell job as host. But Andrew gets the title for moments like this:

What do you see, Gwen and Peter?

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Best Dressed: Lea Michele (Tony Awards V)

I have to admit I didn’t want to choose her. She’s been over-exposed this year and I don’t even really like Rachel. Plus, why was Glee performing at the Tony’s? Aren’t they on TV?

Plus plus, my Diane got SO MUCH flack for wearing long, airy, yellow FOUR YEARS after Michelle Williams did and now Lea is the THIRD woman to do it less than SIX MONTHS since Diane’s appearance at the SAG Awards.

But. Lea looks amazing.

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How to Fix a Mess of a Dress. (Tony Awards IV)

Basically, it is all about the surroundings. Take this:

Kerry Washington looks confused, like maybe she just woke up and realized she was supposed to be at the Tony Awards so she just ran all the way there without changing out of her nightie or taking the time to brush her hair.


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Couples! (Tony Awards III)

I can’t decide if this picture is supposed to say “Look! Tom Cruise isn’t the shortest man in Hollywood” or “Well, Emma Watson isn’t THAT tall”:

But it must be the Tony people are having a laugh. Katie’s dress looks a size too small and Danny’s suit a size too big, it can’t NOT be on purpose, right? But you know, now I really want to see the amazingly mismatched Danny and Katie Variety Show. Don’t you?

Let’s look at a few Matched Couples:

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Superheroine of the Night: Cate Blanchette (Tony Awards II)

Cate officially needs a super-identity.

This is all kinds of awesome. It not only looks GOOD, it looks like it is made of some kind of super material created by NASA (or Edna Mode) that can ward off whatever the baddies throw at her.

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