Superheroines of the Night: Tyra Banks and Fergie

Admittedly, I’m not a teen, but the Teen Choice Awards bored me last night. The staging for the musical numbers was just dreadful (like, seriously, AWFUL), I don’t know WHAT hostess Somebody-from-Big-Bang-Theory (I don’t watch The Big Bang Theory — do teens?) and DJ were doing, and the match-ups of presenter to recipient was even weirder than usual for an awards show (Zoe Saldana and Thor did the Harry Potter tribute. Obviously). And the fashion was just yaaaaawwwwwwwn-worthy. I didn’t think we’d have ANY Superheroine of the Night, but it turns out we have two. Because they were kind enough to match:

Here’s Tyra in what can ONLY be described as heroine chic.

And here’s Fergie. See? They are clearly teammates.

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Interactive Wednesday: Jumpsuit Wars

Love them or hate them Jumpsuits are a current fashion trend.

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Interactive Wednesday: Casting Call for CANTM

It’s Tyra time! Tonight is the premiere of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14 (14?!). Now, I gotta say a) this show went off the rails ages ago and b) Tyra Banks is the battiest bat on TV. However:

She made up her own fashion superhero (The Amazing Smize! after Tyra’s trademark eye … thing). So, she belongs in my tribe. Plus, America’s Next Top Model premiering means it is time for the premiere of —

CAPTAIN America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 1).

So, tell me, who do you nominate to be a part of Captain America’s Next Top Model? Any female comic book character. Just because it’s Cap’s show, she doesn’t have to be Marvel.

ETA: List so far. Gamora, Carol, Emma, Kitty, Dani, Snow White, Zantana, Diana, Mary Jane, Gwen, Bobbi, Jean, Jesse Quick, Betsy.