Superheroine of the Night: Sarah Hyland

It’s not hard to find superheroine looks at the cray-cray world of the MTV Video Music Awards (or any Awards awarded by MTV or almost any music awards — there’s just something about music that translates to more cotumey looks…and there is nothing bad about that!). It’s mostly hard to narrow down the cray-cray into authentic heroine chic. Miley Cyrus absolutely looked like a comic book character last night but she didn’t read heroine chic at all.

Sarah Hyland

THIS is heroine chic. This is a Look but it’s still a Red Carpet Look. It’s over the top but it’s not big top — to be fair it’s maybe not over the top ENOUGH for this venue. But Sarah wasn’t performing or presenting or accepting an award so she didn’t have to answer to anyone. And Miley didn’t have that luxury so it’s not really fair to compare the two. Still as far as being superheroine of the night, Miley missed the mark and Sarah swooped in to take the prize. Read the rest of this entry »

Actually everyone’s a Supervillain.

I gotta give it to Jessie J:

Crutches ain’t gonna slow her down. And spunk like that, she should get the Superheroine of the Night title, right? But everything else about her screams supervillain. And supervillains can have spunk! Right?

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Supervillain of the Night: Nicki Minaj

I didn’t get to watch the VMAs because there was a hurricane and I had no power. SAD. But the existence of the following picture almost makes up for it:

I mean SERIOUSLY. Here’s the full look:

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(Mc)Queen of Everything: Lady Gaga (VMAs)

Lady Gaga continues to transcend any category at all. And with careful and calculated deliberation.

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One-der Woman: Katy Perry (VMAs)

1. I called her Wonder Woman here.
2. I heart That Thing You Do.

Not everybody could pull this off (I ADORE the runway of this Marchesa creation), but Katy does. She looks stylish and fun and she’s right that it reads “Ice Skater” but somehow it all works together and avoids trashy and trying to hard (see: Ke$ha for both).

But the single sleeve was also a trend:

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Emma Frost of the Night: Kirsten Prout (VMAs)

Right? I mean, she does actually have competition in Audrina Patridge:

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Superheroine of the Night: Cher (VMAs)

There’s a lot of chatter about why there still are Video Music Awards on MTV since MTV never shows music videos anymore. Well, that may be, but the videos are still being made! And they are available for viewing On Demand, on youtube, on the artists’ websites, on MTV affiliated stations and once in a blue moon on MTV. Music Television may be a dying idea but Music Videos are alive and well.

Also alive and well:


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