The What-What? (WHCAD IV)

I seriously cannot decide which of our “White House Correspondents” is the most fun. There are SO MANY to choose from. Like:


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Supergroups of the Night (WHCAD III)

I would like the Jonas brother a LOT more if they were secretly superheroes.

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Superheroine of the Night: Kate Capshaw (WHCAD II)

No, really. I mean, yes, this is a fashion disaster with a side of hot mess.

And no, I don’t mean Spielberg, Steve’s looking rather dashing, all told. I mean the pearls and the beret and the dress and the — everything — on Kate. BUT LOOK:

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Superhero of the Night: Barack Obama (WHCAD I)

I mean, obviously! That was the point of all this, right? The White House Correspondents Association Dinner was held over the weekend and they treated it like an Event of Hollywood proportions. The guest list was immense and sparkling with stars like Scarlett Johannsson, Steven Spielberg…Ashley Judd, Jessica Simpson…Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers…Kim Kardashian and…Marlon Wayans…and Omorosa…

Yeah. I thought I would only do one, maybe two posts about this. But it turned out to be EPIC.

Anyway! Superhero of the night is President Barack Obama:

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