Superheroinevillain of the Night: Hana Mae Lee

Hana Mae Lee

I can’t in good conscience call her a superheroine. She is wearing a cigarette and any superhero will tell you Smoking is Very, Very Bad for You. Yes, even Wolverine. I have the ‘Logan’ Heroclix with and without cigar because I used to collect Wolverine Heroclix — but Logan was my FIRST so even though I’ve stopped collecting them (there is at least one Wolverine every set, it just got to be too much when I’m not THAT big a Wolvie fan anyways).

So...who else now wants Hana to be Genderbent Logan?

So…who else now wants Hana to be Genderbent Logan?

Point is — superheroes may smoke to be “edgy” they don’t promote smoking and while wearing a cigarette butt as your hat is not precisely promoting smoking… what the hell else is it?

REAL point being, girl is 150% heroine chic. Read the rest of this entry »

So Frances Bean Cobain is X-23, right?

Just sayin’.