Superheroes at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Tony Stark:

Bruce Wayne:

Lois Lane:

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Nobody comes between me and my Calvins. (Met Gala X)

Hey everybody, I’ve discovered the definition of flawless! Ready? Here:

Zoe Saldana and Diane Kruger, both in Calvin Klein. (And they both have that same clutch Diane-in-CK had at the Vanity Fair Post-Oscars party and I still zomgwantsit!!) I love Zoe and Diane both, but they have more in common than my affection and their stunning CK looks: they both studied ballet before acting, they were both in huge blockbuster movies with huge marquee stars early in their movie careers, and yet they were both overlooked by the mainstream until last year when they both appeared in huge Oscar-nominated films. And they are both known for being fashionable, both memorably wearing love-it-or-hate-it looks to the Academy Awards ceremony.

And as if Zoe and Diane weren’t enough to make Francisco Costa proud, look who else is stepping up in Calvin Klein:

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Best Dressed: Stephanie Brown

The week is ending and my Oscar posts are done (Recap if you missed any), but the Academy Awards were not the only awards handed out this week — my co-conspirators and I over at Fantastic Fangirls presented the results of the first annual Fantastic Comic Book Awards aka the Fannies! And just one day after our post went up stating:

[Stephanie bounds on stage, dressed in a darling and age-appropriate purple frock, and grabs the microphone] about Fanny presenter (and nominee for Batgirl) Stephanie Brown, she showed up in Batgirl 8 dressed like so:


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Recap! (Oscars VII)

So Rachel wears my crown, Sandra bores me, Zoe and Carey win my heart, Miley and NPH should do a super-duet, RDJ is my hero and Diane is always my favourite.

Also, Neil Gaiman was there:

And he looks adorable!! (If you haven’t seen Coraline, go get it! I prefer it to Up. There, I said it. And if you haven’t read the book, eep! Go get that now, too. No, really, NOW.)

Thank you, Oscar, for giving us so much to talk about.

See you next year!

Risk is the name of the game. (Oscars IV)

I mostly love Carey Mulligan’s dress and I mostly hate Zoe Saldana’s but I absolutely adore them both for wearing them. To be a real fashionista takes courage because these kinds of dresses are polarising, you’ll end up on just as many Worst Dressed lists as Best Dressed. But I’d much rather be disturbed than bored. And if I were a starlet, I’d rather be known as someone who takes risks than someone who plays it safe.

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